Always Trust In Books Review of Manuscripts of the Macabre

First Impression: First things first I absolutely love this front cover, it is one of the best front covers I have seen this year. It is 100% eye catching and makes me want to delve inside. Inside is an impressive collection of short stories that provide a range of horror elements but all have the same effect, that ‘I need to know what happens’ effect 😀

Summary Of The Book:

This is a debut for MMM and it really packs a punch.

It begins with the longest entry of the set, a chilling multi tiered violent and emotional horror piece that not only breaks hearts it tears them up. A criminal is put to death and he goes out with a bang, Karl who was present is still coming to terms with the events that took place when he suffers his own tragedy, this story will grab you and you won’t stop reading until the conclusion. Part 1 is the strongest part of this book for me, maybe because I can relate partly to it being a parent. Part one also contains the strongest elements and it is clear this is where MMM shines, I look forward to his first full length novel, there better one on the way!

After an intense part 1, parts 2-6 are a medley of different styles, perspectives and types of horror. There is biblical, psychological, criminal and immoral sides to these short stories, they all have one thing in common, they are immensely enjoyable, just the right length and very well written.

I felt that MMM did show his hand a little too soon with part one, it was such a great start that the others didn’t have the same impact which is shame, the length of the book leaves room for more stories or a little bit more elaboration on some of the already present pieces. I’m not to saying they aren’t satisfying already, just that I wanted more, but that’s me, greedy :D.

The writing is strong, the settings and the characters are swift but they definitely make an impression, I can still remember each scenario vividly and I have an awful memory. I really look forward to another book from MMM he is onto something here. If you enjoyed this book, you should check out 20th Century Ghost Stories by Joe Hill also, another great collection of shorts that stick with this intense style of emotional, varied, memorable horror pieces.

MMM brings up a taster of what he is capable of and I very much look forward to another instalment of short stories and a full length novel, I don’t ask for much…


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